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Automated Live Cell Imaging System Celloger Mini Plus

Celloger Mini Plus makes it faster and easier to accumulate outstanding research results tailored to your research protocol.

  • One color fluorescence (Green or Red) and bright field imaging technology
  • Compact size that easily fits into standard CO2 incubators
  • Fully motorized multi-position imaging up to 96 well plate
  • Compatible with various cell and tissue culture vessel types
  • Multiple focal planes can be captured through Z-stack imaging
  • Intuitive UI/UX and easy to acquire confluency data
  • Increased focus speed and reproducibility with reliable autofocusing function
  • Image stitching possible to enable analysis of larger volume and sections
  • Model Name

    Celloger Mini Plus


    226W×358D×215H · 5.6㎏

    Objective Lens

    4X / 10X


    1.25MP / 5MP CMOS


    Motorized XYZ stage

    Operating Environment

    5-40℃, 20-95% humidity

    File Export Format



    1296 x 972 pixel (1.25MP), 2592 x 1944 pixel (5MP)

    Imaging Positions

    Up to 1000

    Imaging Mode

    Bright field / GFP / RFP

    Vessel Holers

    Well plate(6-96), Petri dish(35-100), T-flask(25-75)

  • Application

    • Wound healing assay
    • Cell migration
    • Cell morphology 
    • Cell confluency 
    • Cell proliferation 
    • Cytotoxicity assay 
    • Transfection efficiency assessment 
    • Coculture monitoring
    • Multipoint cell monitoring
    • Celloger Mini
      (Automated Live Cell Imaging System)

    • Celloger Nano
      (Automated Live Cell Imaging System)